What this is

I was going to just start with posts but thought that may be “Much”.  I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and chronic anxiety and  previously I was  misdiagnosed with bipolar and depression and borderline.  I do not look like i have been through a lot, as I look young. I am 44 years old.  I am an accomplished artist and my peers do not know my background as a severely  abused child and less severely abused adult. I am a person of color, and I have been told that its part of my culture that parents do this to their kids.  I was born and grew up in a large city in the United States of America.  I stayed in this big city.  I have never been in combat, but my PTSD diagnosis is no less real, the severe was abuse started by my parents before my character was formed.  The discipline of art practice I chose pays very little, even with support and being curated into professional situations, so I have no money, yet I seem to have done a lot in the past 15 or so years.   I have no family, as you will see.  I am currently on welfare.  I live in supported housing with a recovering crack addict; I myself was never addicted to any substances, but may have become addicted to attention I get for my art.

My art practice helped me be med free.  My solitude helped me make art

So has yoga.  Postures, breathing, insight meditation, other meditations (mantra, visualization, active)

I believe psychophamaceuticals are as dangerous as street drugs for individuals and for society.  Spirit, or source told me to start a blog today, 12/29/14.  My other choice was to apply to a residency but I decided on this.  Please check back sometimes.


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