I am still here

I write every day ( I took off yesterday)  I do not post every day.  Its been since the 6th.  I write and edit or write, rewrite,and edit.  I was putting up another today but it has been a hard day.  Insensitive communications and I felt suicidal.  These people mean well but have no idea.  I am too tired I am going to sleep.  I should be asleep by 8pm, no pills no drugs. just tired. just tied of people saying very hurtful things. In the effect of “Cheer up they will never have to worry about what to eat for dinner again!” after your spouse dies.  Just and example.  I was never married.  I wish that I lived in a home, not merely a shelter, but I will appreciate any sleep.  I wish I had enough foodstamps to be able to eat ok and not just dumpster doven food but I appreciate that I know how to forage, and am not going hungry like in my younger years.  I am not on the streets.  That is good.  I will post soon, hopefully tomorrow


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