again i am not gone

bad flu. I have had my foodstamps cut off at this “transitional housing” its a shelter that makes me ineligible for foodstamps.  I guess they think we get meals here (we don’t)  other really messed up stuff, but have been dumpster diving for food since October.  Sunday i went to a soup kitchen and got a nasty flu.  Was room inspected today and was told to clean up the space even if i have a flu.  They want me to clean.  They wont help me get food stamps.  The people here are making money off of out disability benefits.  They put me here because i am easy. No addictions, never in jail.  They take my benefits but the “services” they promised when I moved in are missing.  So I will post when the flu is gone.  I am also trying to get to a different housing situation.   I will post soon


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