and today was

walking around and riding the public transportation.  My roommate at this shelter does drugs.  Enough for me to get pain from the second hand smoke and sick from the artificial air fresheners to attempt masking it.  It started in October, a month after I moved in.  When you move in you have to be seen by staff every day.  So I was seen every day no drugs and Glade (or whatever room spray) cocktail.  As soon as that period was over—-   toxic fumes for me.  My case worker did not consider my complaint for 2 months.  My therapist called my case worker and bought this up…nothing just a “yes i have heard”.  So I when i decided to call the authorities my roommate said that the people downstairs who are doing the drugs will retaliate against me and I will be in danger. I told her that there are probably unmarked cars downstairs watching where i go because I did volunteer art work for anarchist groups.

A house meeting was called the 3rd month of this second hand drug problem and I was told to leave my roommate alone because she is a crack addict and that I would put her on edge. Then no drug fumes. For 3 weeks.  And so today is the 3rd time since the house meeting.  I really need to move.

Yesterday my roommate told me that she got a colonoscopy and they discovered polyps.  I felt so bad for her.  Today I wish she will get them removed and that she will have to be in the hospital for a long time.  My social worker is trying to get me out of here but I need more paperwork, and my therapist is on vacation……

I am working very hard to try to bless my room and declutter to start the energy for me to leave, and for me to leave this place in love so I can go to the next place in love.   But I really want to get out fast and/or for my roommate to have an extended hospitalization.  I hate her fakeness and her lies.

Yes I can often see through people.  Yes the yoga and clean living has made me intuitive.  I also have been lied to many times, starting with my parents. I also am  smart. (that high academic competitive public school had an entrance exam)

I wish my room mate the best.  But I have been having so much health problems since I got here.  I also do not want to live with any more addicts.  I was born into an addict’s house.  I was undomiciled since February 2014 and moved in here in September 2014 because of my then roommates’ relapse (he is a very brilliant, well respected artist.  People wondered how i was his roommate, and how we were friends)  I am ready to break this cycle of being around addicts.


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