and yesterday was

I spit on an old woman who shoved me.  Ptsd fight of flight response.  Not eating and living in a place full of toxic fumes with lazy corrupt caseworkers is making me worse.  I need to move.  real post coming soon.  I bought food with the weekly allowance that is supposed to take care of our laundry and cleaning supply expenses. My caseworker insists that it should be set aside for cleaning and when I asked what I should eat she just says that the foodstamp office cant change that.  She is threatening me that whatever living situation I am in I will not get foodstamps.  This nonprofit takes all my benefitsw from Socail Security and warehouses us.  THis case worker’s circular arguing was making me angry.  It probably works for others; I have an I.Q. of around 150. I have tested at 147 and at 162.  I do not think the samw way others do.  My reasoning and logic skills are above average.

Longer entry coming soon.  Just have been very very weak, and very very sick.


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