Studying Yoga Bettered My Life!

A chiropractic doctor started to make up appointments without my knowing and then charge for my not showing up.  I want to  believe that those were glitches, or was out of desperation because at that time he had just moved offices while taking some of his patients from the old office, he was looking for more business.  I want to believe that he was not a bad guy because it was his suggestion that I try yoga.

That was when I started to go to that yoga school, the one I wrote about in my 1/3/15 post.  The chiropractor recommended that place and that I take yoga classes to help align my spine. It took years for me to get to sitting meditation.  When muscle memory is unlocked, it may bring up past pain and discomfort.  It takes discipline.  All these things.

The muscle memory is released and my knots and pains are alleviated, though I do not live pain free.  I still have things going on but I have improved.  The discipline I learned from yoga carries into my work, in and outside of my art practice.  I continue learn to act out of informed insight as opposed to reaction and fear.  I said in my last post that I doubt that I will hit or throw or kick a small child.  I never have, though I have worked with really challenging kids in after school centers.  I never want to hurt anyone, but with only the childhood I had, and people saying that “Its not so bad, some people  ………” , irrational feelings and urges activate, though they do not take over.  Yoga helps me tame the beast.

Yoga helps my art making like this.  I learned that discipline and focus leads to results.  Its not a life and death situation whether you can balance in Eka Pada Galavasana (flying crow) or not.  But learning that you cant do it just because you saw your teacher did it is practice for life.  Relearning that there steps to things,in this case, learn how to do Chataranga or Pidgeon Forward Bend, and strengthening the core muscles for balance before Eka Pada Galavasana is like learning the steps of math: arithmetic, subtraction, multiplication, then division.  Learn one and then move on.  Once cannot improve in technique by shmoozing, partying, looking on craigslist, playing video games for inspiration. So what you cant improve in yoga carries on to making stuff, whether it is writing, plastic arts, digital art, performance, music composition, and on and on including computer programming, building, drafting, circuit bending, anything that requires skill and discipline.

With a clear/er head, from meditation or relaxation practices, it is easier to make deadlines, get back to producers and curators in a timely manner, treat all people well, and not be competitive.  Yoga is a practice, not a sport. Nobody wins or loses.  It is not competitive.  The kind of yoga I study is not competitive, though I have heard that there are competitions and contests.  The yoga that I study teaches me not to be competitive and to practice compassion to all.  I say practice.  I am not proud of recently spitting on an elderly woman last week (see post on 1/21/15).  I am still trying to get right.

Thank you for visiting.  I am happy to see that this blog is being visited.  I also read your articles and blogs too and it heartens me that I am not alone, though I am unhappy that there are so many out there with challenging circumstances.


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