very short entry

I read this article that I saw someone post on social media

I believe that this pertains to many things.  This shelter does not let me get better to be  gainfully working as a result.  I was told that this was transitional housing, and that we get foodstamps, etc and we live here to get better and they were talking about my ticket to work when I moved in.  Now I am worse, my brain fog may have to do with the stress here, and my not eating, though I found some off the books yoga teaching work and other things, and am eating now.

I am, to the welfare system, homebound and getting 3 meals the day, and not able to go to the foodstamp office.  I am repeatedly told that if I go I will have my 16 dollars a month cut off.  When I ask the housing nonprofit why then can i go to the office for weekly group, get no meals, have to clean the house like a maid, while I have the flu, when I had made the apartment much cleaner since I moved in I keep getting the answer that it is how it is in the system.  They tell me if I move I am still homebound.  Its like those people who think if you say the same thing louder and more hostile, they believe that people will be complacent.

I told my caseworker at this shelter that I will go to disability advocates and women’s organizations to help me get foodstamps she got worried and wrote the organizations’ names down.  My roommate the crack addict, told me that they did something with her shelter code and she isn’t getting her weekly allowance.  She got yelled at by the case manager’s boss for going to the welfare office on her own.  She told me that if they do not fix it, she will call local news.

Our case manager has called my social worker and therapist to try to convince me to stay here, by saying that this place is on a nice block.  My therapist told me that this is not right, but my social worker bought this up.  When I reminded her that I have no foodstamps, and that my roommate is an addict who has tried to bully me and is always lying, she said that she will put in my housing application.  This was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago since Thursday.  I was happier when I was on the streets.

I do not want to stay like this.  I need to get better and then work.  Yes I need insurance for my teeth and for therapy and other physical health issues I am going to doctors and physical therapists for.  I need to go to vocational rehabilitation again, they closed my case in 2012, and I am suspicious that they did this because I scored too high on the IQ test…….

I am so tired of corruption.  From corrupt parents to this.  I want to keep  getting better.  I haven’t spit on anyone…….  I am eating better, thanks to small jobs that pay cash.

In gratitude but know I need change


So The article at the top….   take us out of hell and we should thrive. All of us.  that is what I mean


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