me now

I am still at this place.  I am working off the books for food money, and am gaining my strength back.  To add to the brain fog and high cholesterol developed from the stress and poisoned air from living here, I have developed a rash in the past 3 weeks.  At first I thought they were hives, then I thought it was a reaction to clothing detergent.  I switched to grated bar soap for washing clothes, but the rash got worse.  My legs, arms, belly and back is covered in red patches; dry and crystalline on the surface.

I used to get this rash as a child during the most violent years, from when I was aged 7 or 8 until I was about 12.  I also used to get bubbles on my fingers and backs of my hands, full of liquid, some red and swollen, some hard as plastic and would take off layers of skin when I tried to peel it.  It itched and hurt.  The Pediatrician could not diagnose this.  No creams, pills, or sprays were prescribed, which was not too bad considering that around this time I would get beaten up if there were any expenses that had to do with me.  With narcissists and addicts, kids are to blame for having less money for their addiction.

MY primary care doctor prescribed me creams and told me that he will call the social worker for the hospital to see if anything can be done about my living situation.


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