I smelled drugs when my roommate’s boyfriend was over on Saturday.  I called the weekend hotline.  It doesn’t work.  When I called, the line dropped, or they hung up.  When I got to “my roommate is doing drugs” they asked “did you call the cops?” and hung up.  I tried to call but thought of what would happen if I called the cops, they came, they gave the 2 a warning, and left.  I would have to deal with them nobody else.

I was told by someone over the internet to go to the precinct.  I looked it up online and went but got on the wrong bus and had to take the bus back to retread my trip.  In a panic I called a friend who told me to go stay with her for a night.  She said that I will sit on a bench for hours and they will do nothing.  When I got to my friends’ apartment she and her husband looked up what skunk smells mixed with bleach is.  It is meth.  All this time I thought it was weed; I haven’t done drugs in so long I had no idea what this smell was.  Yesterday I called my social worker who put me at this place she didn’t answer, and her message box was full so I couldn’t leave a message. I called this disabilities advocacy group to tell them what is going on and if I they can expedite their calls to this housing organization, and left them a message but did not get a call back.

Breathing this bleach air, which has been going on for a while now has me covered in red rashes.  It itches so much at night that I cannot fall asleep.  I haven’s slept well for 5 months, except for when I wasn’t at home.

I am doing compassion meditations for my roommate, our case manager, and my parents.

I am afraid of being here.  The people at this housing organization looks the other way to drug use.  2 weeks ago my roommate was caught with her meds box infused with weed smells, and nothing was done.  Her boyfriend did not lose visiting rights.  This is not a person casually doing drugs; She is a crack addict who started using a different drug than crack 5 months ago.  I am scared.


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