Meth Bugs

I have meth bugs.  I moved out in the beginning of March but I still have the rashed. Its not from bleach.  I looked up my rashes.  My roommate wasn’t smoking skunk weed she was smoking crystal meth and I got second hand smoke pains, insomnia, headaches, brain fog, and now I am still living with a rash called meth bugs.  For a while I needed to take Benadryl pills to go to sleep at night.  i don’t like drugs of any kind but i was losing sleep even after I moved out.  I want to talk to my doctor and possibly sue so I can live off of that for a while but I have arts admin things to do and more events I need to make art to show in.  Curators are contacting me to do stuff and that is a blessing.  The reporter that I was communicating with ignored me no article but maybe if I tell her about these rashes….   My camera broke though I need to get it fixed soon as I need to take photos.  I will write more soon.  Right now I need to send photos to an arts organization for a brochure.  So things are going good since I left the hellhole.  Like Jesus in Easter (stayed in all Easter except to grocery shop) I am resurructing but still have nasty rashes and scabs…….


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