I went to the mini storage that I share with a friend.  Yes there are lots of people who are having a hard time with housing in this city.

I noticed that I was staying on the streets about a year ago.  Riding public transportation, awake, but sometimes dozing off, and starting to sleep around 6 am in public parks.  I was not the only one.  I made the mistake of trying to stay at one public place and was intimidated out by a family who seems to rule the place.  Another public park, the sprinklers turned on at 1 am an it was too cold in September for that to be refreshing.  I also was sleeping on a bench once and ha a vision of someone stabbing me while asleep on the bench, so I started walking, although exhausted.  The first night I spent on the streets I had a root canal earlier that day.  I am not the only one.  There were others riding public transportation at night, early morning clatching sleep in the parks.  I could tell right away who was displaced and who was late night partying.

So back to storage.  For a while all my possessions were in 3 bags. Now there is five.  From a small city backpack to a suitcase.  I have enough, but not excess nor junk.  I have enough to get me through the fall and the winter.  I have a pair of sneakers, a pair of heels, and 2 pairs of boots.  I have a winter coat.

I remembered going to a community center to receive a winter coat from a coat drive in the edge if town last December.  I was told that I was too late the coats were gone, that they will photocopy the referral letter from that so called transitional housing, and call me when there was a coat availible.  I was starting to tear.  i was already shivering.  my skin was a strange color from being cold.    I asked if I can use the restroom.  I ha travelled for about an hour and a half.  When I got out one of the men there held up a coat and asked me if it fit.  He helped me zip it up.  I cried an thanked him.  He smiled.  Maybe he thought that I was there for a free coat and didn’t know my need.  Like I wrote last December, in the first or 3rd post, I do not look like i had a hard life, nor my age.


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