sexually harassed

On public transportation.  I started crying.  not only that he grabbed my breast and it hurt.  He said “you ——racial slur—-s are too close”.  This was on a packed unit during commuting hours.  I started crying. A woman in front of me asked why I was crying.  I said that I was groped by this man and pointed.  She started laughing.  Then the place looked different to me and time slowed down.  I said that it hurt.  the man said that I was standing too close (Everyone was touching the person nest to them).  I started saying that I was raised like a whore and ran away, sobbing.  The people around me were roaring with laughter.  One man near me was laughing and had a glint in his eye.  The man who harassed me kept cursing me out, spit was flying in mine and people around’s faces.  The man who harrassed me told me something  I didn’t understand.  I said I don’t know what he was saying.  He told me to learn that foreign language.  I said that I didn’t know why i fucking should.  He kept listing ethnicitys and asked if I was them.   More laughing.  this is from one stop to the next .  It felt long.  the light seemed to be much brighter.  People’s skin and hair looked  and smelled high definition.  He asked me if I was a doctor. I said that I am homeless.  ( I have a place to sleep at night but it is not a home).  The man who harassed me said that he is homeless too.

I was texting my friend then spoke on the phone.  I may just get the hell out of this city and stay with him and his parents.  Its a 2.5 hour flight away.  Or I may try to move to a city 2 hours away by bus ……   My other friend told me that it is a good idea.  This city is turning into a place full of one percent rich people and homeless people who cannot afford to have a roof over their head..  And a bunch of people in peon jobs who think its funny that children are beaten into submission and taught sexual acts to be sold into prostitution.

I am going to shoot emails to contacts in the closer by city tomorrow and see if there are any low cost rooms  to rent.  If not, I will start to get ready to make the big move, 8 hours by train or 2 hours by plane.  I cannot stand it here anymore


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