no sunlight

In this no sunlight room I slept 11 hours.  Finally catching up on the sleep I lost when I was sleeping 1 hour per night.  Please if you have roommates, family, kids living with you, and you choose to do crystal meth, pleease do it in another place.  I was poisoned by my roommate.  4 months of inhaling that stuff.  I left the place on 3/3/15 and it took until the end of May for the rashes to go away.  I lost sleep because I was inhaling the drug and that is the effects.  about 3 months after I left, I slept very little because the itching kept me up.  Its a horrible rash and itch that poison ivy, insect bites, and soap and detergent allergies do not compare to.

I am contacting people so I can move away and rest up and get cured.  I usually can make my self not cry in many situations, but these days I tear on public transportation, walking around, at home, etc.  The person that I share a room with hears me too.  I do not know how long she will put up with this.

I am so tired of this city.  I know that I can go anywhere and make and show art because I have done so much here so I do not have any attachment to being in an “art center” anymore.  I am hoping that wherever I will move to will be different; that amateurs and people who have failed in the arts wont try to bring me down by being cruel.  It took me a while to see how those attacks were out of jealousy, or that they wanted to bring me down to their level.  I am glad I cut all those people off, and not bother with them.  I have so few friends here that it is not hard to leave.  I do have a few great friends.  In a place like this those ties become stronger as they are the friends that are true despite of such a stressful place.


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