binging and purging

In my adventure of watching an reading about cptsd and ptsd and narcissistic parents, i came across my past behaviors like eating disorders, cutting, etc.

I was told last night that i had one week left, when my friend told his mother she said that he knew.  One and a half weeks ago she said
“Oh too baD I thought you were staying a little while longer ” when I told her that i have to skype a friend that I may go live with to start an arts organization.  This situation is taking longer than expected because of unforseeable reasons.

SO last night I was told I have to leave even if I have no place to go and no ticket.  My friend was depressed, but his mother got upset that he was in a bad mood.  I guess this is how he became schizotypal; he was never sexually or physically abused but emotionally abused.

When his parents left he started to abuse me.  I stuffed my face with food and vomited.  I feel better.  I still have no place to go.  I am looking at Wwoofing but my body is still in pain and my rashes still itch.  Please pray for me.  I am grateful fot the time I had here and I see how people become sick like my friend.  I love him but i yelled athim for defending his mother and saying that I deserve to be out on the streets.  I did not break anything or cut myself, which I am proud of.

Please say a prayer for me



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