summer coming

need a home .  Still thankfl that my best friend refused to take nude photos of me to send.  That is how I can rent a room at ,arket price.  I had to come back tothe city I was born in to take care of social security, food stamps, etc.  Found out that my po boz is eactivated and I cannot get itback. 1st time ihad no mailing address.  If I went back to dom work and fetish work i can rent aroom.  nbo I took a 10/hr jobdoing reception at a yoga studio 14 hrs /wl/  Too injured too ,much in pain to teach yoga, now.  But thanj you to my friend who refused to take naked photow of me.. I am 45 years old now and I am not int he shape to get decent money t be a fetish. nude.soft porn model more possibilities to be taken advantage of I would rather live in parks and transportation stations\


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