ACE quiz

I just took this test and scored a 9

in the comments there is a survivor of abuse who had shingles as a child.  I had them I had no idea that it was caused by stress,  the person who wrote about their shingles were abused as a child and their parents denied abuse.  I did not know that my skin problems as a child were due to stress.  I used to get shingles, and some strange water bubble like skin problem in my fingers that hardened like plastic and hurt so much, that I would shave them with a straight edge razor (my parents taught me how to sharpen pencils without a sharpener when I was about 7 years old)

I also would get rashes and boils, maybe because of bad nutrition (instant soup, ramen noodles, and government cheese most days).  When I was raped and couldn’t walk normal because of my pain, and going to pee in the bathroom was an ordeal, the diagnosis at the pediatrician was UTI.  I got beaten when the doctor told them to give me cranberry juice and they were shocked at  how much more it cost than frozen condensed cans of cheap juice.  I guess they had to but Night Train instead of Jack Daniels that day.

I am still in pain.  I am avoiding people.  People say that advil should take care of my numbness, nerve pain and radiculopathy from 6-7 years of being thrown into walls.  My friend is thinking of ways to raise money so I can finally go to myofascial release or rolfing.  I think all people who have been abused and not protected as a child who have permanent injury should get grants to get fixed.  It was the school teachers’ and pediatricians’ job to find safer options than me to be at home being thrown, beaten, and drowned, choked, stepped on every night.

I also saw this video.  I really need a doctor to get cured.  I am in a short term sublet I have been crying the past four hours I have been in pain, sometimes I get hives but I am in a safe place.  I need to continue going to disability places in hope of getting placed in housing and getting a doctor who is not lazy and cruel like the past ones.  I need a specialist who can deal with CPTSD and place me in the kind of treatment where I am not retraumatized


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