No justice

No justice. That is why I wanted to kill parents, teachers,nurses, guidance counselors, lawyers, psyche ward technicians and nurses, emts cops, men I blew and fucked, men I supported, bosses, co-workers, social workers, case workers, landlords, children, clients, and students today. I wanted to stab them, smell their warm blood, see their expression as I took my power back. I finally decided to start telling the truth about my life. I tried as a child, a teenager, and a young adult but noone listened they were too busy plotting to take advantage of me or being lazy.

Killing would not bring justice, because I suffered more than the pain of being chopped up and bleeding to death.  That is why I see the world differently, I make art that noone thought of.  I am feeling less pain these days.  I want to be part of the overthrowing of white supremacy. Us P.O.C.s are strong from disturbances, things not going right, having to do with less or nothing, and living on through discomfort and pain.  When white peopel have to work 5 times as hard for half the income, live cramped in bad neighborhoods, then it will be a meritocracy.  We do things 10 times better.

I still havent finished the post about social darwinism, of fascism.  I will.  WordPress says that i have 11 saved drafts.  I have unfinished essays since 2015 but my health has been bad.  I will see an osteopath next week.  In 5 years, I couldn’t  get a referral to an osteopath in the city I was born in. (2011-2016) This different state/city took 3 months.  Still horrendous but a great improvement


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