The word pedohile is problematic. If a person really loves a child, a person does not shove adult body parts, objects, or anything else into a not yet developped pelvis.  One would not beat a child because a pedriatrician called the result an urinary tract infection, and ordered the parents to buy cranberry juice, which around 1980 was substantially more expensive than frozen condensed orange or apple juice in a can.  I was told that my memory of sexual abuse is fake because any doctor can see abuse.  I was gaslighted into believing that I had a false memory.  This was in the 1990s when allegations of false memories of abuse were all the rage.

Speaking of false memories about abuse,  the epidemic of false memories is debunked: “The Boy Who was Raised by a Dog” by Bruce Perry, an excellent book has an excellent description of what happened during the “false memories of abuse”  era.

Why did this pediatrician, who knew what was going on in my vaginal area when I was a primary school child in a large city in the USA not report child abuse?  It was the late 80’s/early 90’s and there were already child protection laws and awareness.  My guess is that it is because my mother was pretty, or because it was too much paperwork and stress, or it was because doctors and lawyers and other well off people pay for sex and there needs to be a supply of cheap whores, cheap whores are the ones that grow up abused, poor, and of color.  I would like to elaborate on the last description.

Yes there are high end whores of color too.  My theory is that rich white families look the other way when a husband goes to a brothel where laborers go to when estranged by their families, massage parlour, strip club with “private room shows” and the such. Rich trophy wives do not have to compete with these women to keep their wives.  I am almost sure that reporting my parents would have inconvenienced my pediatrician, and that his ethics only counted for those who look like him and was moneyed like him, plus he would stop seeing my mother when I needed to go to his office.


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