Language part 2

Philia is a combining for meaning “lover of”, enthusiast for”, which is specified by the idea that precedes it.  Latin: phiius (greek, philos) dear, beloved,

Love: intense feeling of deep affection. Gentle feelings of fondness and liking

If a man fucks his grade school daughter without feeding, clothing, and protecting her, its is not philic, its not love. There is no fondness or liking, and it is about power.  I know this world is now going through a sex positive stage, and kink is considered something to be celebrated. (please see my post “It’s not Cute, Innocent, Fun” from 12/30/14)  Please consider rethinking long term implications of buying the virginity from a child, or indulging in your own, should you decide to identify as a pedophile.  Please reconsider the language of kink, I believe that we are very misinformed if we take words for granted.  M. Scott Peck wrote in “People of the Lie” that hate is not lack of love; that lack of love is just indifference.  Hate is love gone wrong.  Please consider that we need language revolution, and that pedophilia is not about loving children

Please, if you are a teacher, social worker, doctor, etc, and see a child acting up prematurely in a sexual way, do not blame them for being dirty.  Please report them, and try to find out what is happening.  This is not doing above and beyond, this is what is decent, doing your job is doing your job.






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